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A girl who's face has the distinct look of a mom. Momface can happen at any age and is not restricted to woman that have kids.
"I saw Sharron today and she is looking rough."

"Yeah, she's got Momface, hardcore."
by karamilk February 09, 2010
It's when an attractive young adult a female has a worn out expression due to children, or if the young female has a worn out look in general.
Did you see Karen? She's hot, but she has a Mom face which is a little bit of a turnoff.
by Tribal_Warfare December 27, 2009
Type of face characterized as resembling one's mother more so than one's father.
Lilith really has more of a momface than a dadface, don't you think?
by Landfill503 May 20, 2010
when you annoy or embarrassed your mother to a point that she gives you a "I WILL KILL YOU" look.

please note that children who have been disciplined enough will eventually not take affect by this god awful stare of hateful anger.

if your new to this glare your body will do the following in this order.
1. shit your pants
2. have a mini-stroke of fear
3. will give in to fear
4. die a little inside
Mom: Love you honey!!
Andy: Not Here!


Andy: love you mommy
by RGJ94 March 03, 2011
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