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Any problem encountered that has to do with one's offspring, directly or indirectly, typically if you're a mom. Dads can also have momblems, but those are more commonly known as "popblems". Single moms are especially prone to momblems.
"Ugh, I've got to get Timothy to soccer practice by 4, but Shannon's recital is all the way across town at 4:15. Not to mention that the potroast isn't cooking right, and won't be ready come dinnertime...I've got me some serious momblems."

"Don't bother your mother, sweetie, she's had enough momblems from you as it is."

"Hey Erika, wanna go out tonight? All the girls are onboard!" "I can't, Eileen. I've got two kids with strep, and the baby is being colicky." "Damn girl, you've got some momblems."
by Jonniemahboi June 16, 2014

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