a cock smack to the face...usually to a female
I gave her a molly whop to the face after she bit my penis
by jsjjs March 07, 2008
to very brutally attack someone
"he is in the hospital because i mollywhopped his punk ass"
by barry scruggs May 16, 2003
When a grown man drops his trousers and a male and or female is being roudy and annoying. The man shows dominance by smacking the individual in the face with his Smoked Meat Log.
The woman wouldn't leave me alone, so I dropped my pants and Molly Whopped her.
by SnappinBedposts September 11, 2014
To get in that ass so good that when they wake up from getting their head mangled, nose crumpled, teeth extracted, brain jumbled, cheeks lifted, eyes crossed, chin tapped, and what ever else the mafia used to do.
The white boy called a group of black panthers in the middle of a black power rally "n_word" and got his honkey dorey ass mollywhopped.
by UNCLE FUSS December 28, 2014
When playing the game Gears of War, wielding a fast killing weapon of your choice, and killing an enemy so fast that they didn't know what the fuck happened.
1. Oooh shit. Get Molly-Whopped!

2. This dude tried to 2-piece me. OH HELL NAW get Molly-Whopped bitch!
by iMR POPZALOT September 01, 2009
to hit someone with a BK whopper with weed or ecstacy in it;(mollywhopper) a BK 'whopper' containing weed or ecstacy
*a girl is on stage and gets hit by a mollywhopper*
boy1: DAMN he mollywhoped the shit otta her!!!
boy2: Hell yeah!
by NAVI March 02, 2014
verb, transitive. To slap another's face with one's penis. Usually said in response to an insult or other cutting remark directed at the speaker.

noun. A slap to the face with the penis.

Note: A molly whop works best when accompanied by the insinuation that the "whopper" has a particularly large penis. This can be accomplished by adding a qualifier after the phrase, or by prior knowledge of the "whoppee" of the "whopper"'s enormous penis.
verb form:
Jane: Can we please go to the mall today?
John: Jane, so help me god, if you ask me that one more time I'll molly whop ya!

noun form:
Jack: So I heard you and Jane had a fight the other day. What was all that about?
John: Well, she was being a bitch, so I gave her a good ol'-fashioned molly whop with my burgeoning man-meat.
Jack: Ha ha! That'll teach her!
by Rob N February 22, 2006

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