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Moliver is a term for gay.
It's similar to metrosexual, but more on the fully gay side.
That's so Moliver.
Moliver is such a homo.
Only a Moliver would do such a thing.
by WereNotMoliver June 02, 2009
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Two gay buttbuddies who are inseparable from one another and will often separate from a group to have intercourse
Look at moliver going off, bet they're gonna go fuck
by Wolfy123 March 31, 2015
Moliver means men.
Men means gay, really gay.
Which is Zack Moliver.
You're as gay as Moliver.
Not possible.
Oh Yeah!
by Naked Goku October 30, 2003
The pairing of Miley Stewart and Oliver Oken form Disney's show Hannah Montana,it is used when Miley and Oliver interact with each other or have cute "moments". They are best friends but will end up together in the future because of thei blossoming love.Obviously. This couple has a huge fanbase and has sites dedicated to them like and

There are many fanfics dedicated to this couple.Also, Moliver fans do not like to use photoshop to make cute pictures/moments of them since it's not necessary for this couple. Most Hannah Montana fans support this ship.
The sweater-dance!!!That's a cute Moliver moment.
by Bogu February 05, 2008

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