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(noun) A bong hit of marijuana and tobacco made to deprive you of oxygen creating hypoxia. Strictly rollable tobacco. Ratio of marijuana to tobacco are up to the user. Generally the more the tobacco the more light headed one gets.
Greg just took a gnarly moler and now he's laying on the floor drooling, sweating, and panting, all with a smile on his face.
by dirtytrifecta February 03, 2010
a Haitian sensation.
damn that girl is hot...but nothing compared to molers.
by aimers April 22, 2006
having or possessing mowel like qualities
"boy, that girl is a moler"
"yes, her mole is quite large"
"I also know a boy with a large mowel, I said to him ill eat your sowel, his mowel is quite large and also very scary, the mowel turned infected and also quite hairy"
jordash and hollisha are mowlers
by moleymoleymoley September 13, 2003
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