Perspiration on the upper lip.
It is so hot out side that I have a moistache.
by wbsmithiv August 16, 2012
Top Definition
The act of ejaculating on a sexual partners upper lip after felatio in a mustache like fashion.
Kayleigh said she wouldn't swallow so I gave her a moistache.
by Sarkyninja July 20, 2013
What a man with a well-groomed facial feature gets when he provides oral stimulation to the female genetalia.
"man, I really like having this moustache. But I'm tired of it becoming a moistache when I go down on chicks. Especially when I can't find running water for a few days"

"The well endowed moustache man was inexplicably rewarded with a moistache after pleasing the old woman's nether-regions"
by supertrooperdude_69 January 20, 2010
An old woman turned on
Her husband gave her a moist ache.
Friend 1:"Do you ever think your grandma gets turned on?"
Friend 2:"Do you mean a moist ache?"
Friend 1:"Oh yeah."
by Alycia2000 March 14, 2015
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