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moish <mo-ish> - adj. - 1. Of or relating to homosexual relevance or behavior. 2. Gay
The film "Brokeback Mountain" was pretty moish!
#moish #homo #homosexual #gay #flamer
by The Versatile May 13, 2006
Something that is both moist and fresh.
This bread is so moish! It tastes just like fresh baked!
#moist #fresh #tender #stale #rotten
by Alex: the best person ever May 20, 2008
A big feller! Also a very huggable bear.
Oish oish oish! My my my, that Moish sure is one large bear!
by Ronald Jackson October 23, 2004
Laziness of a co-worker that almost defies description.
Maureen is so moish that if you offered to wipe her ass she would gladly let you!
#slacker #superstar #underachiever #unpar #special
by Murffy May 08, 2009
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