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Mohsen (Persian: محسن) is an Iranian given name for males. It is the Persian version of the Arabic name "Muhsin" which literally means a beneficent person (someone who does good). Muhsin is a Quranic name.
Hey Mohsen. How are you doin today?
by Nicolas M M April 18, 2009
Mohsen. A word that has become synonymous with looking sexy/fine/hot.

Originally 'Mohsen' was a legend, a mythological creature that left women blinded by his beauty and sexiness.
compliment: Hey boy, you like Mohsen today.
by www.urbandictionary.com March 28, 2005
a persian guy with an 11 inch cock who loves agressive sex.
did you see his cock?
he is a mohsen
by rosy222 February 20, 2011
A stereotype. A name often associated with Iranian taxi drivers who let the back portion of their hair grow out of proportion, style their facial hair in a way that could only be described as a pornstache and use compact discs (among other things) to decorate their rear view mirrors.
محسن! پشت مو رو بچسب به مولا
Roughly translated: Yo, Mohsen, check out the back portion of my hair! It puts horses to shame, now beat that, punk!
by IgneusMaeror September 23, 2009