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Mogar is the Metal-Rock Persona of Harold, also known as Billy's father from the T.V. show Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in the episode "Battle of the Bands". He lurks in the audience of a Battle of the Bands concert (apparently in a similar attire to that of a KISS band member) and swoops out to attack the winning band. After a loud battle cry, Mogar flies toward the enemy before realizing the physical improbability and crashing down, wrecking the stage.

Calling someone a Mogar would be a poser in a sense where it's also acceptable in a funny sense of the word. See clown or idiot.
1) Billy: "Hey dad, if we're competing in the battle of the bands contest, then why aren't we on stage? DAD!"

Harold: "I'm not dad tonight Billy, I'm..MOGAR!

Billy: "Eh yeah, yeah okay, Moooggaarrr, then why are we up here in the audience?"

"Mogar": "This is the battle of the bands right?"

Billy: "Right!"

"Mogar": "Then....on my signal...we attack the stage. Let's ROCK!"

2) "Dude, we're going to a Beatles Tribute concert, don't wear that Kiss make-up. God, you're such a Mogar!"
by Politicallyuncaring November 08, 2010
A 50 inch living dildo with small arms and legs, who habitually plows through concrete walls. He screams very loudly, despite not having a mouth, or any real organs. Mogar is coming after YOU!!!!!
Man 1: I was watching TV the other day when Mogar barged his way into my house and dove headfirst into my girlfriend.

Man 2: Is she okay?

Man 1: The doctors say she may never recover from the damage he did.

*Mogar busts in through the wall*


Man 1 and 2: OH SHIT! RUUUUN!!!!!
by Psychopath Killa September 24, 2005
Is a machine that contains a vibrating dildo and/or anal pleasuring devices, that are strapped on to the user.
Joey strapped on his mogar before he enjoyed the porn movie
Betty strapped on her mogar before she went to bed
by Dianna G. Weishal August 07, 2007
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