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n. Someone who is very knowledgeable about heraldry.

v. To discuss (usually at great length) on a topic of the Middle Ages or Renaissance, especially heraldry.
n. He is quite a Modar on family coat-of-arms.

v. She would Modar on for hours if her friends would let her.
by R K November 14, 2006
The innate ability to figure out if a person is Mormon or not. Similar to Gay-dar.
Trisha almost dated that guy who was about to go on a mission. Good thing she has such excellent Modar.
by Squiddypoo May 29, 2012
Modar is an old Arabic word which describes a stage of milk fermentation.
This milk is modar.
by modareem May 22, 2011
a homosexual man who claims that jesus is his reason for his prudity and hits on his girlfriend's other homosexual friends.
"We've been dating for 2 months, and that modar hasn't so much as kissed me!"

"Everyone's just waiting for that modar to come out. Even his girlfriend!"
by Anoni Moose March 01, 2008
Also known as "Mondar" An arabic guy who terrorize people lives and cause destruction to the mother earth.
Modar + Dave = Cheese
by Jeff White January 26, 2005
(Chiefly British)

1. To ejaculate prematurely.

2. To be prematurely ejaculated upon
1. Finding himself in an unlikely sexual encounter at the dodgy end of Warwickshire, 27-year-old Geoff was more than excited to finally lose his virginity, and thus ended up modaring all over his dishy young boy-toy, Fernando.

2. Fernando was modared with a vengeance.
by Anonymous March 20, 2005
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