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Mojo on Back Order.

It means you are too tired to live and will actually do something when they deliver your new energy pack, fuel cell or whatever.
dude #1: Why haven't you fixed my computer yet man?

dude #2: Get off my dress bitch, MOBO
by twilyth June 21, 2010
Abreviation for Motherboard
The dog ate my new Mobo
(Adj) A woman of white decent who acts like shes a black woman. Often referring to her chilrens and wog slots for conversation topics.

(V.) An action a gangsta performs in order to get more women. "More Bitches"
Ay yo keesha, did youu hurr about Janny? I hurd dat she was a wog slot. Her chilrens are gonna be pedostitutes.

Ay yo maan, Imma hav ta pull ougt da Mo-Bo tnight.
by Cujo09 September 02, 2010
An individual who lives out of his or her automobile, RV, or camper. A blending of "mobile" and "hobo."
Carl was evicted last week, so he's a mobo right now.
by SaintJonathan March 07, 2011
A mobile hobo.
"Mobos these days".
Me:"Look Dad another mobo"
Dad: "Fuckin' hate mobos".
by Saleste Payne; smell my ass October 21, 2011
The name given to the stiffy a man wakes up with every morning. The conjunction of "morning" and "boner."
1. "Hey how was your morning?"
"Good; my mobo was solid."

2. My mobo scares little children.
by ericrule March 29, 2009
The unavoidable erection every man suffers when awaking in the morning.
"Man, I fell asleep in 1st period and got another fucking Mobo ."
by jizzonme January 23, 2009