a homosexual pan-handler.
(homosexual hobo)

usually found around the dumpsters of gay bars.
Damn, bitch! Did that MoBo just try to steal yo frilly purse?
by deeds April 13, 2006
Top Definition
Abreviation for Motherboard
The dog ate my new Mobo
(Adj) A woman of white decent who acts like shes a black woman. Often referring to her chilrens and wog slots for conversation topics.

(V.) An action a gangsta performs in order to get more women. "More Bitches"
Ay yo keesha, did youu hurr about Janny? I hurd dat she was a wog slot. Her chilrens are gonna be pedostitutes.

Ay yo maan, Imma hav ta pull ougt da Mo-Bo tnight.
by Cujo09 September 02, 2010
An individual who lives out of his or her automobile, RV, or camper. A blending of "mobile" and "hobo."
Carl was evicted last week, so he's a mobo right now.
by SaintJonathan March 07, 2011
A mobile hobo.
"Mobos these days".
Me:"Look Dad another mobo"
Dad: "Fuckin' hate mobos".
by Saleste Payne; smell my ass October 21, 2011
The name given to the stiffy a man wakes up with every morning. The conjunction of "morning" and "boner."
1. "Hey how was your morning?"
"Good; my mobo was solid."

2. My mobo scares little children.
by ericrule March 29, 2009
The unavoidable erection every man suffers when awaking in the morning.
"Man, I fell asleep in 1st period and got another fucking Mobo ."
by jizzonme January 23, 2009
Mojo on Back Order.

It means you are too tired to live and will actually do something when they deliver your new energy pack, fuel cell or whatever.
dude #1: Why haven't you fixed my computer yet man?

dude #2: Get off my dress bitch, MOBO
by twilyth June 21, 2010
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