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this particular breed of male is extremely rare. these males are of the elite class of all males. these males are very intelligent, not to mention extremely hott. they are always there for us girls and they have wonderful personalities and tend to be very sexual. they know how to dress and make women weak in the knees.
Every girl should have a Mobeen in her life.
by seXyblondieLAXGRL April 12, 2005
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An awesome person who never gives up and always succeeds. Has the power and knowledge of 1000 men and can easily lift mountains.
He is close to being a Mobeen. ya right!!!!!!!
by realtroll January 02, 2010
A type of male breed in humans who tend to be socially totally awkward around females.
They are confused creatures and show tendencies of over-reactions. They are commonly gangly beings and may act abnormally from time to time. Although they may be loyal and useful friends to some, over the years they become very tiresome.
That guy Mobeen over there, well, he didnt get a date for the dance cuz he's too weird!
by Mrs CH March 01, 2009

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