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It means "Princess" in Japanese.
And it is a Japanese name, for a girl.

or it can mean somebody is really really really nice, and they are so pretty aswell.
sam: "yo miya, you're a princess"
miya: "omg, i knoww"

anna: "omg, look at her, aww she is so miya"
tom: "yeah i know, shes hot"
by LOLhai August 28, 2009
creaqted with the birth of a wonderful girl in 1989. originated from maija. adjective. synonym to "the greatest person ever"
Karen- brad pitt is so sexy... he's just... the greatest person alive!
Jill- Yeah hes so miya!
by miya April 10, 2005
An exceptional crazy person part of a 4 girl group. Usually related to the spade and known as the 'creative-cooky' one.
Girl: Im so jealous of that girl! Shes such a Miya!
Guy: Yeah shes hot!
by Miya Spade September 21, 2008
The sexiest girl you'll ever meet and always a great kisser and so good in bed you wont need to have sex for a month also she is the sweetest kindest person you'll ever meet.
Edward:hey gieon look at her.
Gideon:thats the most beautiful miya ive ever seen.
by gmactastic February 08, 2015
The hottest sexiest girl you will ever meet. She is an amazing kisser and great in bed. She usually has guys all over her. And she usually has a huge ass
Tom: hey yo bro look at that chick she is deffs. a Miya
by Don'tcaaare July 17, 2016
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