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It means "Princess" in Japanese.
And it is a Japanese name, for a girl.

or it can mean somebody is really really really nice, and they are so pretty aswell.
sam: "yo miya, you're a princess"
miya: "omg, i knoww"

anna: "omg, look at her, aww she is so miya"
tom: "yeah i know, shes hot"
by LOLhai August 28, 2009
creaqted with the birth of a wonderful girl in 1989. originated from maija. adjective. synonym to "the greatest person ever"
Karen- brad pitt is so sexy... he's just... the greatest person alive!
Jill- Yeah hes so miya!
by miya April 10, 2005
An exceptional crazy person part of a 4 girl group. Usually related to the spade and known as the 'creative-cooky' one.
Girl: Im so jealous of that girl! Shes such a Miya!
Guy: Yeah shes hot!
by Miya Spade September 21, 2008