An electronic console normally used for switching between and/or combining audio from two turntables. Controls typically at least consist of: one cross fader for switching between and combining tracks, two up faders which control the volume levels of the seperate audio feeds, multiple equilizers on seperate channels for limiting the amount of bass, mid-range, and treble in the output, and a master volume control for limiting the mixer output. Mixers have been in use for decades and have become an essential part of DJing.
Yo, that the new Vestax scratch mixer?
by Fase March 10, 2005
An electronic device used to play two sources of sound such as turntables or cd players together. A basic mixer has volume sliders for adjusting the volume level of each incoming source and a crossfader for controling the mix of the two sound sources.
"Man my mixer is shot. I need a new one."
by JesseBW August 30, 2003
Mixers are college parties. They are usually the best parties.
Yo, I went to 5 different mixers last night!
by blondebabe6952 June 28, 2007
A person (male or female) who rubs another's feet then throws in a little bit of *tickle tickle* every so often. The mixer is a pro at what they do and while it often appears they "mix" on accident, it is always intentional and done with great pleasure. A mixer will more often than not deny what they do. Mixers also love to scare the shit out of people when ever possible. A person who lives with a mixer often looks around every corner expecting to have the shit scared out of them.
Mixee: You're mixing! Quit Mixing Mixer!

Mixer: I have no idea what you're talking about....

Mixee: You're doing it again!

Mixer: Nah..
by themixer December 27, 2011
A white person who, for unknown reasons, seems to think they're black. They also have an odd side-effect of thinking they're totally cool an that they have bulging muscles. No joke, about 99.99% of the people who I've seen like that get ARRESTED in freakin' middle-school.
Guy: "Why the hell did that kid try and beat you up?"

Friend: "He's a Mixer"

Guy: "Ah, that explains it"
by Mark2791 March 27, 2009
A person, usually female, that is highly promiscious and will mix with all types of people in order to shag them.
Mr y: Why did Dr x from the city hospital get fired last year?
Ms x: Because he was well a mixer (especially with the patients and staff.)
by December 23, 2009
A mutt, in a clique sense. They listen to all sorts of music, wear all sorts of clothes, do all sorts of activities. They have a trait from each popular clique, like prep, emo, , gangsta, scene, punk, goth all thrown into one. Mixers usually wear expensive clothes, but not from American Eagle or Abercrombie or Hollister. They usually dont buy clothes from Hot Topic or Urban outiffters also. Mixers buy clothes from Pure Denim, Nordstrom, places like that. They like necklaces. Girls buy clothes from the same places. There are very few, as teen society has been so split.
Guy: Dude look at that guys clothes...there sweet.
Girl:Yeah...they look expensive but not preppy.

Mixer: I'm gonna go shopping. I'll see you soon.
Prep: where ya going? American Eagle?
Mixer:Pure denim, bitch.
by Mr. Mix. March 01, 2008
a trouble maker
by lor September 21, 2003

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