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Men or women that contradict themselves via words/action when they are interested in a woman/man and are simply doing it in order to 'test' them as to how far, and how much they will persue.

Mind games!
Jeff: I like you a lot, I want us to be together.

Julie: Um, sorry Jeff... I don't like you like that.

Jeff: WTF bitch!! But you kissed me and sucked my dick?! You're sending mixed signals!

Julie: *blank stare*
by Damnpeople March 16, 2009
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Diction, syntax and/or body language cues not following normal trends of the societal structure of dating and/or flirting.

(see as follows):
ChrisAllen- "Do you want to be exclusive? Do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Hope- "I really don't want to say 'no' you know what i mean? I think we make quite an interesting match."

ChrisAllen- "...If you look up the word Mixed-Signal in the dictionary, it says 'Hope'."
by supermixed June 04, 2009
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