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Ancient Egyptian for "cat"

Also referred to sexy, smart & irresistibly gorgeous girls. Miwsherits have captivating (cat) eyes. They are the envy of every girl and the dream of every guy. A Miwsher girl is extremely clever and knows what she wants and how to get it, of course. She appears to be sweet and innocent but is a sly and a little crazy at heart. Miwsherits are always a perfect 10. Always well put together and know how to party. Always classy, never trashy. The wrong girls to mess with. Worst girls to attempt to lie/cheat/steal form; Miwsherits are bestfriends and always there for each other.

*Miwsherits plural.
Jessie and Kayleigh are Miwsherits!


by Miw$her ;*) December 24, 2010
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