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Someone who makes awkward statements like. "All the trees are the right size.", like Mitt Romney did at his speech in Detroit.
I didn't think anyone could out -moron George Bushes' gaffes until this Mittiot came along.
by Bryce Morganthau March 04, 2012
Mittiot (n.)

1. A Mitt Romney Supporter
2. One that believes replacing Barack Obama with Mitt Romney will make a substantial change in American governance.
3. A foolish or stupid person.
4. A rube or unsophisticated person.
"My neighbor is gonna vote for Mitt Romney. What a Mittiot."

"I Love Romney and I'm a Mittiot."

"Johnson in QC is a Romney supporter, but around the office we just call him a Mittiot."
by Blondygirl May 25, 2012