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(n) A fiery, scary God.
Holy Mith!
by pyro April 21, 2004
Mith is a twisted version of myth.
If you refer to a person as Mith, you see him as a myth, you favourite, your idol!
"Wauw, you are a great myth."
by morten April 07, 2003
Acronym for Make IT Happen
It was a rough day but i Mithed.
by The Mith August 29, 2007
To exploit anything in the world of warcraft
I am able to mith the Dwarf event.

I totally just Mithed the WSG gate.

Will blizzard ban my account if i Mith to often.
by Lightbringer Population October 09, 2007
N.-The owner and proprietor of a website devoted to mafia.

V.-To pleasure somebody in the clit sexually.
You should've Mithed her.

Let's go back to your place and Mith.
by FernIH April 06, 2008
(n)NOT a god
god is not a Mith
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
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