When somebody bitches outrageously and frequently about apple products until they go into an endless loop of rage and pass out.
Person A: I-Phones suck!
Person B: Graarrrrggg! I-Phones don't suck! I-Phones are cool! I-Phones and I-Pads! I-Phones don't suck!
Person C: Wow, that guys really mitching!
by Farrai October 30, 2012
Top Definition
A three-step sexual process.
Step 1: Suck your partners dick.
Step 2: Raise your partners dick and lick their balls.
Step 3: Spin your partner around and lick their butt.
This is the end of the mitching process.
Person 1: Man mitching last night was great.
Person 2: Yeah I loved when you got to step 3!
by I<3toMITCH June 25, 2010
The act of bitching performed by a male. Can be performed in many locations such as the office, shed etc. Is usually followed up by a blog or status update.
John was mitching down the pub again. He just needs to get over it.
by BourneToSheen September 09, 2011
To loiter, lollygag, procrastinate, or behaving in a lackadaisical fashion in an attempt to avoid a previously set obligation, especially under the pretense of dealing with a ‘technical issue’(computer meltdown, glitch, virus, etc.) that would hinder participation in the aforementioned activity.
“Sally says she is getting her computer fixed during class today, but I think she’s just mitching.”
“Danny totally mitched out on that typing exam, I saw him hanging around the mall when he said he had to get his keyboard rewired.”
“I would love to mitch today, but I already said that my virus was taken care of and I can’t think of a better excuse.”
by Feather La August 03, 2007
the act of hopping like a bunny with carrots rammed deep in every hole in your body
last night when i went clubbin' with the furries i took out a carrot and everyone starting mitching
by altairalex February 05, 2015
To scratch your skin and see how much skin comes off into a pot.
Person 1; I was only bloody mitching last night weren't I!
Person 2; How much skin did you collect?
by Lewis Carpie May 08, 2012
The state of extreme sweating, most times for no apparent reason.
Bro I was mitching so hard during my first class, I was embarrassed to lift my arms.
by PDT-Chico April 17, 2012

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