To loiter, lollygag, procrastinate, or behaving in a lackadaisical fashion in an attempt to avoid a previously set obligation, especially under the pretense of dealing with a ‘technical issue’(computer meltdown, glitch, virus, etc.) that would hinder participation in the aforementioned activity.
“Sally says she is getting her computer fixed during class today, but I think she’s just mitching.”
“Danny totally mitched out on that typing exam, I saw him hanging around the mall when he said he had to get his keyboard rewired.”
“I would love to mitch today, but I already said that my virus was taken care of and I can’t think of a better excuse.”
by Feather La August 03, 2007
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A three-step sexual process.
Step 1: Suck your partners dick.
Step 2: Raise your partners dick and lick their balls.
Step 3: Spin your partner around and lick their butt.
This is the end of the mitching process.
Person 1: Man mitching last night was great.
Person 2: Yeah I loved when you got to step 3!
by I<3toMITCH June 25, 2010
The act of bitching performed by a male. Can be performed in many locations such as the office, shed etc. Is usually followed up by a blog or status update.
John was mitching down the pub again. He just needs to get over it.
by BourneToSheen September 09, 2011
When somebody bitches outrageously and frequently about apple products until they go into an endless loop of rage and pass out.
Person A: I-Phones suck!
Person B: Graarrrrggg! I-Phones don't suck! I-Phones are cool! I-Phones and I-Pads! I-Phones don't suck!
Person C: Wow, that guys really mitching!
by Farrai October 30, 2012
To scratch your skin and see how much skin comes off into a pot.
Person 1; I was only bloody mitching last night weren't I!
Person 2; How much skin did you collect?
by Lewis Carpie May 08, 2012
The state of extreme sweating, most times for no apparent reason.
Bro I was mitching so hard during my first class, I was embarrassed to lift my arms.
by PDT-Chico April 17, 2012
The act of Fucking over another employee or co-worker. Leaving one stranded for hours upon hours.
" Hey I'll be right back (7:00 Am)........... (3:00 Pm) Oh sorry the Lt. asked me to do something.

" Hey I'm going to grab a coffee anyone want one?........... (4 hours later) "oh sorry I forgot your coffee I'll go grab it now"

" Man yesterday I got Mitched hard"

"I can't stand the Mitching that goes on here"
by The survivors of Mitching August 17, 2011

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