mitchell is the worst name you can have for a boyfriend, its embarrassing and some times hard to pronounce. mitchells tend to NOT be hench. They like to leed girls on and use them for rebounds. they are so ungreatful and usually are hard to get on with. they start pointless fights and like to think they are better then everyone. Mitchells never realise how lucky the are to have a girl untill its gone. They appear really nice and charming to girls but can suddenly stop a relationship in a second. They chose butterz girls over pretty ones. FML i hate mitchells....
dayumm, he broke my heart

must have been a mitchell.....
by hatemitchells November 15, 2010
Someone who doesn't have the internet, uses flamboyant words making you question his sexuality and looks and smells like an ape
Oh man, you see Mitchell the other day? He called my dog fabulous then updated his windows version capping me.
by Shawsie64 October 19, 2009
Someone with a very dark skin color.
It's so dark out here, I can hardly see you!
"I know. I'm a Mitchell."

Look, mark got a tan this weekend and he's dark as (a) Mitchell!

"Only when it is dark enough can't you see Mitchell."

by The Dark Mitchell March 09, 2009
A guy who seems bipolar and bitchy. He acts like a girl with/without PMS. He is someone you would not want as a boyfriend. He is the epitome of retardedness. He talks to his girlfriend about how he thinks other girls are cool and awesome.
Ex. Girl 1: Wow he's such a Mitchell!

Girl 2: why?

Girl 1: one second we were talking about the date and a second later he is being retarded and talking about other girls and how he thought they were better! WTF?!?

Girl 2: wow girl... He's such a bitch! (Bitchell... lol)
by Anonymousgirl200012 December 15, 2009

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