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1) When you mistweet the person you want to reply the tweet.
2) Tweet the wrong person/ wrong account.
3) Accidentally tweet the wrong person/ wrong account.
Twitter Conversation

@salhasyafiqah: @idayuAli Hey, who do you think you are?
@idayuAli: @salhasyafiqah Well, you know who I am, right?
@salhasyafiqah: @idayuAli Haha, of course I know!

@idayuAli: @idayuAli Because we are friends! That's why you know me! Hahaha!
@salhasyafiqah: @idayuAli Wait, are you talking to your ownself? Inside monologue?
@idayuAli: @salhasyafiqah Oh! Sorry, my bad! Mistweeteration!
by iDayuAli October 18, 2011