A serious error made when shaving around a mustache, causing repeated attempts to "even it out" The result is an ever shrinking amount of mustache remaining.
Hey man, what happened to your face?
Ah, I was in a hurry while shaving this morning, and had a near fatal mistache. Does it show much?
Dude, theres hardly anything left!
by old school 53 November 22, 2009
An unintentional mustache- That unshaved hair above the upper-lip that was accidently missed by the razor. Taken from the words mistake and mustache a forgotten swipe of the razor and a mistache can appear- Mistaches come in all forms.
D- That mustache looks creepy, what's going on with you?
J- What mustache? What are you talking about? Creepy Eh?
J- "Looks into mirror"
J- Holy geeze. I must have missed some whiskers this morning.
D- So what are you saying, it's a mistache.
J- Mistache is correct, creepy is right; where's the razor?

by jsmil5 March 26, 2008

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