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a men sticks his nuts, (balls) under a women's armpit.
Mississippi Handbag term was used in Fan Boys the movie 2009
by the force is with me June 16, 2009
A sexual act mentioned in the movie "FanBoys" because the writers knew that people went to see the movie, they would would automatically go home and look up the word on urban dictionary or invent some perverse act involving their testicles and some poor girl.
"Where do your testicles end up when you do a Mississippi Handbag?"
by The Fanboy May 02, 2009
To have anywhere from two fingers to a fist inserted anally into a man while having his balls in your mouth.

Referenced in the film Fanboys along with Blinding the Marlin, and Louisiana Piledriver
I can't find a hooker to give me a Mississippi Handbag at a decent price anywhere!!
by t0pl355 July 08, 2009
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