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To freeze a piece of shit and roger your partner with it. As it melts the poo will slide down her/his legs.
When she awoke I told her that she had left a candy bar in her ass crack by mistake; I was ashamed to admit I had given her the Mississippi Mud Slide while she was sleeping.
by Reginald Titus September 11, 2003
It is when you have diarrhea and you eject your watery feces all over your partner during intercourse. The diarrhea has a muddy appearance and is slippery (like a slip ‘n’ slide) which is why the term “mudslide” is used.
Last night I gave Sally a Mississippi Mudslide and she threw up all over my dick.
by David Cantonicle September 19, 2006
A Mississippi Mudslide is the next step after a Cleveland Steamer. You take a dump on a girls chest (the Cleveland Steamer part) then use that as lube to titty fuck her. It often precedes a Chocolate Covered Vanilla Popsicle (moving up and into the girls mouth to erupt).
I met some nasty ho at the bar last night and gave her a Mississippi Mudslide. It smelled horrible but the crazy bitch was into it and she actually requested a Chocolate Covered Vanilla Popsicle!
by GTaylor April 12, 2008
aka Santers stocking....... An unfeasonably large poo only generated by a panting fat man or seasoned arse bandit. usually left sat in the toilet bowl after flushing resembling a crumbled hillside or on rare occasions a dirty xmas stocking.
i would'nt go in there chief, some fat fuckers left a mississippi mudslide!!
by cleaveland steamboat November 27, 2009
this is when you take a shit in a condom and freeze it. then use it as a dildo.
yo i gave myself a smelly ass mississippi mudslide this morning.

i took my mississippi mudslide out of the freezer for a good turd fucking.
by steve scullin yo August 09, 2006
The act in which a male puts his penis into a females anal cavity, and then proceeds to urinate inside of her. Result is a digusting mess that smells like sewage.
Dude, my roommate ruined my sheets by giving some bitch a Mississippi Mudslide in my bed.
by gredubbs April 20, 2009
The process by which the woman lays down on her back and the guy spreads his butt cheeks apart and begins to rub his asshole on her face until there is a black streak from her chin to her forehead.
Oh man, I can't wait to give this chick a Mississippi Mudslide.
by Guy With Gross Terms May 07, 2010
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