short for 'commission' often used to name the government commissioned (paid for) houses
similar to the ghetto
jada: we r gunna go chilax at timmy's joint
paddy: isnt that at the mish???
jada: yeah but we cool
by ro.z November 14, 2006
Romany / Gypsy word for vagina.
mit verano mish ateya laan gjolki tula.

AKA I need to go to the doctor for my vagina.
by Hana Mohalo August 10, 2005
scouse for mission, shortened.
arrr m8 thats a fuckin mish to march
by Jacob Marley! May 18, 2005
the mish can be used in any circumstance! can be used at different times and different places
i just had a bit of bare mish bruvs!

your mum is the mish!

i cant believe it, your acting like a mish!

i have a huge mish!

your having a very bad mish

brap, brap, mish me bruvs
by Big Jiz November 03, 2006
Short for "Intermission".
"Oh, the show's about to start- I'll see you at Mish".
by Duncan September 29, 2004
Jewish term, short for mishugina i.e. "crazy"
"Those mishugina goyim"

"Ahhh, you michiguna ..."
by Floating Log June 05, 2003
by captin jonny June 02, 2003

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