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(Adj): A way of describing a journey that is very far, usually when you really can't be fucked to make it. A mish is further than a trott, and would be more distance or more dangerous.
Shall we go to Bob's house? No man, it's such a mish
by Aidan Brooks June 04, 2005
12 17
The skin on a man's ball sack
Man my mish is so gross, it feels like elbow skin
by frostitute November 12, 2010
1 7
An Australian term, used to refer to a gullible person.
person A: Hey look! our bags are gone!
person B: WHERE?! HEY they're still there!

person B, is a "Mish"
by Diepik May 18, 2010
1 7
To be partaking in a 'mission' with a high level of difficulty.
I'm on a mish to get that girl over there!
It's gonna be some mish to get this project done!
Getting up in the morning is a mish!
by sleeptokens March 27, 2003
5 12
A combination of the words 'mesh' and 'mix' to make 'mish'.
I hate it when my corn and mashed potatoes mish together.
by kitimastr July 02, 2009
1 10

Edible material that may be either meat or fish but is undefinable through both smell and look.

.e.g Gammonfish
"Is Gammon a mish..oh."

"Something smells mishy"
by Sass+Fo February 04, 2008
3 13
short for 'commission' often used to name the government commissioned (paid for) houses
similar to the ghetto
jada: we r gunna go chilax at timmy's joint
paddy: isnt that at the mish???
jada: yeah but we cool
by ro.z November 14, 2006
4 14