A group of people walking around looking for something to do could be classed as them going on a mish .. Or a mission
Oreet mate? Fancy going on a mish tonight?
#bod #mission #group #walking #boredom
by Smurfie December 29, 2007
Top Definition
Short for mission. Can be used for describing how far away something is
"man, your house is a mish"
by Mat Gillespie December 03, 2003
Slang for Missionary Position.
by lil_ogre August 01, 2003
missionary sex position
we did it in the mish posish
by Chris April 07, 2005
coolest person alive fo shizzle
Mish is amazing, yes, amazing.
by lol September 03, 2004
1) When one gets high, you tend to go on an adventure (or mission) to do go somewhere, usually in search of munchies. Mish is a short form of mission, and usually refers to this type of situation.

2) Another use of the word mish is to describe something that is far away.
1) "Yo man, lets go on a mish to get food!"

2) "Nah man, we aren't going to go all the way there...that is such a mish!"
#misch #mission #munchies #far away #miss
by SandKouf March 16, 2008
A term that is used to describe a task that is considered difficult. Shortening of the word 'mission'.
-Where have you been?
-I had to visit my nan, it was the biggest mish.
#treck #journey #mission #hard #difficult
by Shmutsy October 10, 2005
A derogatory slang, short for Commission, as in living in the bad area of somewhere, or your finanical status. It is derogatory word to call people. Also similar to calling someone "poor" in the derogatory fashion, etc...
Hey, that kid is mish, look at his shit clothes, he lives "in the mish..."
#mish #commission #bad #financial #poor
by DaDevil August 04, 2007
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