a state full of pain, suffering and usually confusion.
unable to take back words. sigh.
not necessarily physical or emotional or spiritual. but usually all three.
"Oh sir! The misery!"
"Dear God, why, why, why, why!" *bangs head on floor* "Please God save me from this misery!"
or more at peace with the misery. *silent.face full of misery.attempting a smile.
by mon ami December 06, 2003
Top Definition
Nickname for a depressing state in the midwest where absolutely nothing happens, ever. Major cities include St. Louis and Kansas city.
Looks like the University of Misery lost another one to Central Bumblefuck State.

On the drive to California I had to spend 4 hours passing through the state of Misery.
by Nick D April 02, 2004
depression,the state of being really unhappy,feeling hopeless,angry
she was so full of misery because her life was full of pain.
by Belinda h. December 07, 2003
a state of "fucked upness"
I feel fucking miserable cause the rafting trip ruined my relationship with my girlfriend. Fucking miserable rafting trip!
by wretched individual September 30, 2003
A great movie created by stephen king
You dirty bird! How could you! Misery chastain cannot be dead!!!!! I WANT MISERY! AND YOU MURDERED HER!!!!
by icu123fire February 11, 2009
Misery, a clothing, accessories and toys label associated with Illicit Streetwear from Auckland, New Zealand
I love this wicked Misery t-shirt
by RangiShorty August 29, 2007
When someone, usually a dude, bombs the office bathroom with a righteous poop so pungent that it saturates your entire world in stench.
"Is that Rich in the bathroom?"


"Oh no, he just ate 3 McDonald's cheeseburgers and a box of fish sticks. Barricade the door and febreze the air before the misery engulfs us all in a wave of stink!"
by SausagesAreGood November 04, 2011
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