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A slang word for a woman's vagina. MIRT is "trim" spelled backwards. Can be used as a noun, verb or adjective if placed in a sentence properly.
Her mirt was nicely waxed and tight.
#trim #box #cooch #muff #bump #hole #vertical smile #pie #hair pie
by Tron Dempsey November 07, 2006

Used by ambulances and police to change stop lights Green.
The Ambulance used his MIRT to changed the light green to get to the emergency
#mirt #m.i.r.t #mobile #infrared #transmitter
by AIM: SKimpy007 February 28, 2009
A female being with amaing eyes. A woman with enough pizzaz to to straighten the tower of Pisa. She can rock your world while sinking your battleship. The kinda person that will drive you crazy while keeping you sane. She is one of a kind and kind of the one. Awesome as the moon and bright as the sun!
I bet you wish you had a Mirt, isn't Mirt just Mirt
#mert #flirt #sensational #seductive #sexual
by MR. KMed April 27, 2012
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