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When you get so worked up over a male/female partner u have not one clue what you are typing....
Chris thinks brooke is amaing
by Jake happyrock July 21, 2008
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An unhealthy relationship with no communication and which should end.
They have an amaing relationship....
by theliar March 25, 2009
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Getting to gassed about yourself/Getting gassed over hoes/Getting mad over bitches/Pretending to get loads of pussy when you get none, the only pussy you get is a cat but you don't even have one/Parring off mandem infront of chicks to make yourself look good/getting mad over dumb shit like fifa and chicks/ being violent
Person 1: "I beat fam"

Person 2: "Skn, why you Ama'Ing for?"
Person 1: "Fam I aired that bitch for 4 days sn"
Person 2: "Skn, why you Ama'Ing for?"
Person 1: "I got a better six packs than you"
Person 2: "Skn why you Ama'Ing for?"
Person 1: "Set pace then g"
Person 2: "they too butterz"
Person 1: "Skn, why you Ama'Ing for?"
by Bigboybmt October 20, 2013
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