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Pronounciation: \Mir-cha\
Function: Noun
Etymology: Slavic, Romanian origin

1. A royal king from Romania "Mircea Cel Batran" 1386-1418 before Vlad Tepes (Dracula).
2. Mir derived from Slavic origin meaning "peace", and Mircea means "mercy" in American names.
3. To be of extreme attractiveness from a Romanian country. To posses an unique ability of poetic words & acts of romantic kindness. Someone seductive all the ladies dream about.

Lady 1: Who is that heroic, tall, dark handsome man??
Lady 2: That is Mircea!!
Lady 1 & 2: (sighhh)
by Lin2008 August 16, 2008
A really hot guy who could be misunderstood. Sometimes they're shy, but normally Mirceas have many friends. He's always chill and will be there for you. Mirceas don't pressure you into having sex, they wait for you to ask. Generally Mirceas are guys.
Girl 1:That guy, Mircea, you dating him?
Girl 2:No, not yet. He's sooooo hot though.
by CoolSwagg July 06, 2016
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