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a virgin, called such because they are untouched, still new, in mint condition
Matt: Damn dude that chick is hella fine and u said she hasn't experienced the touch of a man?

Buck: Yep, she's a mint.
by The Vishus One January 17, 2008
2 8
A word used mainly by bogans to describe something in a positive manner (usually rusty old cars). An alternative for the word sweet.
"Its a mint day aye?"
"Bro, I just seen this mint holden"
"Yeah it had no motor but the body was mint as"
"Nice paint job, hardly any rust. It's a real minta"
by wots my name again June 28, 2005
2 8
as from a mint: pristine; beautiful; without wear; cherry
dude was rockin an 80's huffy BMX tricked out like a chopper. shit was mint!
by badronnie October 29, 2004
3 9
this is mint!!!
by ??? February 03, 2003
7 13
Mainly a word used by scallies in Manchester to describe something appealing tot them. -not all mancs use it coz i'm a Manc and i dont speak like a twat.
E-ah-yo check out dat graffiti its mint
by Dave June 04, 2003
3 10
great, awesome, wordhot
that car is mint
that girl is mint
by marta April 21, 2003
3 10
That girl had big mints.
by table May 28, 2003
5 13