Date rape capitol of the US. Do not go out without friends. Do not let anyone buy you a drink.
I went to Minneapolis a year ago for a weekend. I went out and got drunk. Woke up in my hotel room the next morning. Dont remember anything after i met this guy and all his friends. My ass was sore for a week. Finally a year later some of the events from that evening are coming back to me.
by scaredofminnesota January 20, 2012
15th most dangerous city in the United States. Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County, Minnesota. Minneapolis takes its name from minne, the Dakota word for water, and polis, the Greek word for city. This and the nickname "City of Lakes." The official population of the city is somewhere around 400,000 but if you count Minneapolis and St. Paul together it would be one of the biggest cities in the country. St. Paul is more residential but has a large asian population. Minneapolis has everything: asians, native africans, middle easterners, native americans, hispanics and of course african americans. if you visit i would advise you not to walk the North Side of town without a gun especially if you're white or you're bound to get your ass layed the fuck out by a thug slangin' that crack rock on the corner of washington and harlem. We ain't the 15th most dangrous city in the country fo' nothing nigga
i was walking home from the vikings game when i got caught in gang crossfire.
by nasir April 24, 2005
A place where you can re-create yourself and make a better life. But watch out for the cops, they don't play! The laws are strict and they could care less, and there are a lot of pedophiles but they are primarily in the suburbs or St.paul where the Nazis live. The gangs are not as bad as people think, just stay out of their way and you won't get blasted foo! Too may Somalis and Ethiopians tho that have driving privileges. cars aren't camels!
Minneapolis got some fine ass women, but watch out for the foreigners, anyone can get a drivers license there! I love this city!
by malcolntent June 28, 2007
The coldest city in America. The city touts it's literacy rate, healthy population, low crime, high culture and numerous parks in a desperate attempt to lure residents to the frigid metro. The nickname "Mini Apple" is an even less subtle effort to bring oblivious New Yorkers to the region. The city bears a strong resemblance to Kansas city, Omaha, Des Moines and suburban Chicago, and thus is of little interest.
Polar bear- "It's so cold!"

Penguin- "Not as bad as Minneapolis."
by minneapolitan November 10, 2010
one of the two twin cities located in central minnesota. pretty much a decent town as long as you stay away from the inner city which helps to make it one of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the united states. had one of the highest murder rates as of 2000 census and the highest rate of unsolved homicides in the counrty. A target for many hmong and sudanese and ehtiopian immigrants.
From Minneapolis to Baltimore we be out there. From LA to New York we be out there. From Houston to DC we be out there. From Dallas to Detroit we be out there. From Miami to Chicago we be out there.
by khalif May 29, 2005
a city in minnesota, people actually think its ghetto even though its like 70% white and only has about 40 murders a year
"dude, you'll get shot in murderap"

"no way, minneapolis just filled with a bunch of harmless posers"
by big I November 28, 2006
a town in minnesota where like 1/4 of the city is black and lots more somalians and ehtiopians and jamaicans live and the asians are packed as tight as sardines
lots of hmong niggaz live here man
by jay February 20, 2005

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