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Noun. a very ugly person.
The girl with the hat is a minger.
Your mom is a minger.
by Christine Bonaire November 11, 2006
1 6
noun: Minger:

1. A man/woman who lacks asthetic pleasing qualities, i.e. boot ugly

2. Someone who lacks hygenical values, i.e. a total stinker
1. That girl over there is a total minger

2. Look at that stinker, what a minger!
by Mattfink October 06, 2006
1 6
A minger is the description of a girl who is usually more attractive than the girl who is calling her a minger.

Thus a girl saying the word "minger" is really really minging and should be left to wallow in her teenage pregnancy.
A right mingaah - don't know what he sees in her - mingaaah
by andy March 11, 2004
13 18
A minger is someone who,
Smells a lot like mouldy poo,
Her face resembles an anal hole,
You wouldn't stick her with ur pole!!!
"Ming, Ming...Ming, MIng" Damn it my girlfriend is ringing!!!
by Bling! February 06, 2004
9 14
The best name for the unattractable gareth lock
really u shud look at gareth
by horney henry December 01, 2003
7 12
a nice person with the face of a bull dogs ass
look at that fuckin minger
that person is really minged out
by tom December 01, 2003
5 10
A(Seemingly Ugly) Chick that you fuck(drunk, sober, otherwise), yet in the morning you would not tell your friends because she is ugly.

Also see Dinger- A Damn good Minger
Lets go get a minger
by thewood September 06, 2003
8 13