A person who is extremely `careful` with money
Get the drinks in, ya fuckin` minge bag
by wilkie February 01, 2008
A little douche that screws up all your online computer games (hl2, gmod, etc.)
you mingebag im going to kill you
by Dniz September 30, 2007
When a female dunks her minge into someones mouth - the female version of tea bagging!!
Don: Wow, you copped a mouthful!
Paul: Yeah she full on mingebagged me!!
by Mingedingler September 02, 2008
A name given to someone who is tight with money
" get a fuckin round in ye Mingebag "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
A man that upon recieving a FREE £3 voucher from a reputable razor manufacturer then calls this company's customer care line to complain that his FREE voucher is not of high enough value.
Paul - "That's me sorted out, they're sending me a £10 voucher now"
Ian - "You're a right mingebag you!"
by Mr Chapman October 25, 2006
A NooB to any game that will spam you spawn alot of stuff and will kill you alot of times and will not stop they do not use the talk button they spam kill and what ever a minge is a thing that knowes nothing about games they cannot build stuff they cannot do anything wright..
In gmod they will kill and spam you WARNING KICK ALL MINGEBAGS
by brandon derrick July 08, 2005
Offensive term for a woman, usually used when ordering her to do something unpleasant.
"Suck wood, there's a good mingebag".
by JC in da place 2b December 14, 2004
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