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The art of cold-calling under false pretences to generate cash flow or mentally outclassing someone through various forms of communication. The formal pronounciation is Mindbrrrreasting. (The rrrrolling of the R)
John spent hours and hours mindbreasting on the March Apartment Guide.
Person 1: What are you doing today?
Person 2: Mindbrrrreasting
Person 1: Oh you mean dialing for dollars?
Person 2: Yeah my dad's in a trade, im gonna see if I can get my hands in someone elses cookie jar.
Person 1: Hows the mindbrrrreasting going?
Person 2: The only responces I get are from ass-faggits and riverfucktards.
Person 3: Fuck calling, you should start mail-merger mindbrrrreasting. Then we can go speening and after go to Pasqualay and Excelsiorrrr.
by Robbo SD September 21, 2005
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