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The state of being disoriented or being messed with mentally.
Bill just found out he's adopted.
Dam he must be mind fucked.
by Htown_pollo February 12, 2010
Something that blows your mind so hard , you cant even begin to comprehend it.
*you watch inception* You jsut got mind fucked.
by Darkfangex January 09, 2011
The state of being unable to comprehend a unnatural phenomena
whoa dude, you got me totally mindfucked.
that can't be possible. total mindfuck man!
by Tord-ivar jr October 24, 2008
To have your mind totally fucked by a woman to the point of mental suicide.
Whoa dude, Savannah just totally mindfucked me last night. I'm going to go blow my brains on the wall. ttyl man.

Hey man, guess what happened last night? I got totally mindfucked by Savannah. She is such a total mindfuck.
by Selby7390 January 14, 2009
When something becomes so confusing or intertwined with something else that it causes massive confusion in a person. Similar to a roofie being slipped to someone, causing confusion and a feeling that you were just fucked (or in this case, Mind-Fucked).
Man 1: I just saw that Leo Dicaprio movie "Inception" last night and I have never felt this weird feeling before...

Man 2: I think the word you're looking for is "Mind-Fucked".
by CausedChernobyl July 17, 2010
A term that rose to popularity after PDiddy said in the spring 2010 movie "Get him to the greek". Herds of sheep then began to say it to describe the summer 2010 movie "Inception".
PDiddy: "I'm mindfucking you right now"
Jonah Hill: "I hope you're wearing a condom because I have a dirty mind"

Random Guy/Sheep: "Dude, Inception was such a mindfuck!"
by realdanger July 22, 2010
The feeling you get after you finished watching Breaking Dawn Part 2
Buboy: "Holy shit, did you watch Breaking Dawn yet?"

Krosna: "Yeah bro, I was totally mindfucked
by #krosna November 19, 2012
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