Native to Belfast, they are usually found hanging out on estates or street corners. They despise all people hu are different (eg. goth,punk etc) and can be found wearing earings the size of basketball hoops, fake nike-air max, tracksuite bottoms, and ofcourse they're beloved Pink peterstorm jackets (Usually stained with WKD..Millies use a version of english that is impossible to understand!
Me: erm...excuse me but could you move please?
Millie: Rite will! Ya lookin til fell that baka my 'and luv!
Me: aaaaahhhhh!!!! *runs away*
by xXx_Devils-Whore_xXx April 16, 2005
Other variations: millbeg, millbag

A female "chav" from Northern Ireland, more so from Belfast. Derives from the name given to the girls who worked in the mills in West Belfast in the 19th century. Today they can be found parading the streets of Belfast. Usually pregnant by age 14 with a cigarette in one hand and a 70cl bottle of "WKD Blue" in the other (and that's while they are still pregnant). Usually bear pink tracksuits or sightly "trendy" clothes, accompanied with dollops of fake tan to give one an orange complexion. Before the morning Novena in Clonard, they are usually seen on the roads in their pyjamas, slippers and with curlers in their hair, accompanying their 7 or 8 pre-teenage children to primary school. Their native call is shrieking abuse at one another in a dialect which takes years to accumulate.
None have a proper education and 95% are on the "Brew" by age 18, collecting benefits (illegally or otherwise).
They love to engage in the following past times:
- having sex with anything with a pulse and a penis
- boast about their "fella" whether or not they are faithful to this certain lad (usually they are not)
- kicking the living daylights of anyone that looks different to them
- popping "E" (or pretending to) and listening to NRG and sickly rave
- screaming secterian abuse to whomever doesn't support their Scottish league football team
- dancing around a burnt out car which their male counterparts have stolen
- being alcoholics/thieves/junkies (or all three)

Approach with caution, can be dangerous.
"Hore's one of dem millies."

"Luk at thon pack of millies!"

"Kill thon fennian millbég!!"
"Kill thon hun of a millbég!!"
by Ciarán Gibson July 16, 2006
Female compliment to the spide. Dress the same as their male counterparts and appear to be immune to contraceptive methods. Like a good shag every weekend and are partial to the odd 'gluebag'. they also enjoy bitch-fights and like bands such as Scooter and other assorted trance and happy hardcore acts. They wear massive earrings which would put Pat Butcher to shame. Name comes from working in the Mills, millworkers shortened to millies.
Look at the state of thon milly. I would touch her with yours.
by Al Bundy August 22, 2003
A northern irish term for a female townie. Wear bad tracksuits, trainers, have bleached out hair, have several kids (all with different dads), generally look about 10 years older than they really are.
Male counterpart spide
also see millbag
there hard faced looking millies!
by bite me! June 05, 2003
A northern irish female townie. The name originates from working class girls who worked in the old Mills.
see millies, millbag
Male counterpart spide
That milly is as cheap as chips!
by bite me! June 05, 2003
A name suitable for both genders. A buff girl who loves to exercise and has an amazing ass. Is prone to sweating a lot, and likes to play sport and hunt axolotls in her spare time. Very sassy and loves food (any food).
I wish I was a cool Milly!
by Coolgurl4lyf July 24, 2014
an militant personn

he os affaid of no1
yo boss u see datt man hes fukkin milly bruvv
by badman prolog June 17, 2008

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