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2.<owner>, the act of owning stuff, also refered to as "teh pwn"
millin readies tachi: gekko
The million eyes takes 1050 damage.
by bob February 14, 2005
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-verb, mill, millin
1. The act of walking anywhere while under the influence of marijuana.
A. They were millin through the mall, while eating a soft pretzel.

B. Lets go mill after this bowl.
by anannon July 31, 2011
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The act of banging your penis onto random object's or people, Often in a windmill style movement.
John: Hey man watch this im gonna go an mill tom
Tom: WTF man why are you slapping your cock on me!

Phil: Last night i was millin jenny's house phone an then her mum was speaking to her friend all night on it!
Dave: Ha! dude she totally has penis breath.
by Skidmark the III December 03, 2009
10 3
On Mondays, the act of going to the best bar is St.Charles, Missouri (The old millstream)
Who's millin today?

There was a bunch of people millin last Monday.

I'll be millin around 5.
by darkness842013 November 18, 2013
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1. A Samurai that acts like a ranger
Millin uses Sidewinder
The Bee takes 3812 damage.
by An awesome warrior. April 04, 2005
3 3
A handle commonly used in the video game: Final Fantasy XI. People who choose this handle tend to party with excellent White Mages, however they have poor taste in Bards and Tanks.
Dumbbard>> Is Millin going to be on tonight?
ExtremelySmartAndTalentedWhiteMage>> nah, i think he is busy with sports
by PhillGuyThePillowSky January 04, 2005
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