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to remove any substance such as intellectual complexity, subtlety, or sophistication in favor of perceived style or swagger; to dumb down to the lowest common denominator in an attempt to appeal to everyone as often displayed by the culture, music, and arts of the Millennial Generation.
1.) J.J. Abrams Millennialized Star Trek in 2009.

2.) Ah crap I'm not going to see the new Robocop. You know they are just going to Millenialize it.

3.) Jim: "Wow old school hip hop is so much different than today's steaming pile of crap. Their lyrics used to have meaning, coherent structure, and wow they even told a story! What the hell happened?"

Jane: "Ah you know right around the late 1990s when MTV changed from showing music videos to reality TV, the only music being pushed was that that would appeal to the most people possible. Artists had to Millennialize their music to appeal to a new generation of culturually bankrupt, brainwashed, socially media addicted youth."

Jim: "Ah that makes sense. That's why music in general is just god awful these days. Well what comes next?"

Jane: "Collapse of Western Civilization.

4.) Jim: "Wow look at the difference between comedians of the past and comedians now. Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, and Chris Rock were actually intelligent, edgy, and creative. How did utter lame ass morons like Dane Cook ever become popular?"

Jane: "Either Dane Cook was never that funny or he Millenialized his act."
by Intellectual Savior. January 30, 2014
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