A dish that consists of steak boiled in milk and served with raw jelly beans. It is most delicious when boiled over hard. As seen on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Looks like I'll be having that milk steak to go.
by FullonRapist October 16, 2009
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Delicious meal often served with raw jelly beans.
Looks like I'll be having my milk steak to go.
by Tiptup100 October 17, 2009
Boil (preferably whole, for best taste) milk, then add steak and roll, let marinate for 4 hours. Best cooked over a radiator or engine of a car. Always best served with a side of jelly beans, particularly with some variety of flavors. The meal of champions and janitors of a bar.
Charlie's favorite food is milk steak.
by BloomU Crew October 16, 2009
As anybody who watches "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" would know, a Milksteak is a steak that is cooked in boiling milk.
Charlie: "I'd like a milksteak; boiled over, hard"
by alwayssunny♥er August 24, 2010
It's a steak boiled in milk and honey.
"I'll take the milk steak with a side of raw jelly beans, please."
by andycraig October 16, 2009
A steak boiled in milk and honey, as seen on It's All Ways Sunny in Philadelphia.
"I'll have a milk steak and a side of jelly beans, raw"
by St. Jaysin October 16, 2009
A milksteak is a food that contains milk and steak. It's like milkshake except the ice cream is switched to steak.

To get it right you should cut the steak before sticking it in the blender. That way your milksteak will end up liquid and drinkable through a straw.
- Wow, yesterday my wife made me the most delicious milksteak I have ever had.
by Cheffie3 October 17, 2009

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