A skanky little dingleberry who thinks shes a 'rockstar'. She is not pretty, talented or smart.
Average 10-year-old girl: Like, oh my gawsh, like, Miley Cyrus is, like, so, like, pretty and, like, talented
Average person: I need my shotgun. NOW
by shnitzelzorg January 21, 2010
A stupid Hilary Duff bubblegum pop-singer wannabe who cannot act or sing to save her life and irritates everyone in the room. Has the stupidest TV show ever with the dumbest plot about how a teenage girl transforms into the pop star Hannah Montana at night. Apparently a blonde wig fools everyone. It was stupid also because the show began when she was like 13 and in 7th grade. Who the hell would go to a concert that featured a 13-year-old kid singing?! How many people was she really fooling into thinking she was old enough to BE a pop star?! She also tries extra hard to shed her good-girl image but every attempt only makes her look more pathetic and immature.
Guy #1: Oh my God, did you see those pictures of Miley Cyrus with her dad?! Guy #2: Dude, I know right! Here's a tip for ya, if you want to shed your good-girl image, don't take adult pictures with your DAD ON SET!!!
by mileyhater01 August 15, 2009
A teenage popstar/actress. Best known for her television show "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel. She had one of the most successful tours on 2007. Both of her solo albums went to number one. She has faced much controversy over "leaked" internet photos and a scandalous "Vanity Fair" photoshoot.
Miley Cyrus was performing at the awards show last night.
by lmao123 September 21, 2008
wow thats miley cyrus?
ya shes a whore
by ryee December 28, 2009
1. A slut that likes wrinkley peen.

2. Young girls role model, until she posted semi- Nude pictures.
3. Best Know for her preformance on American Idol in 2009, when she sang the Hit Song from her movie "Hannah Montana Movie"
4. Next Britney Spears.
She is so acting like Miley Cyrus.
by Hair Flip May 15, 2009
A girl that was made famous at age 12 on the hit show, Hannah Montana, aired on Disney Channel. She was a huge hit among pre-teens & teens. Many say that she grew up too fast when she started wearing more revealing clothes. Truth is, everyone was just used to her wearing sparkly, pink tops and the Hannah wig that they weren't prepared for that. She's not the only TEEN in the world that would wear that. Calling her a whore is completely unneccesary, due to the fact that she hasn't even had THAT many boyfriends. A whore is someone who sleeps around and has many sexual partners. Does that sound like Miley? No. She's human just like everyone else, and people just over analzye her because she's in the spotlight. And she smoked out of a bong with a LEGAL substance, OH MY GOD!! She is such a bad influence! NO! If your kids have good morals, they will know that they shouldn't be doing that. Most teens smoke weed all the time, and that's illegal. So come on people, leave her alone.
Over protective parent: Oh my gosh, did you see what Miley Cyrus was wearing the other day? Jeez, she needs to realize she influences kids, just like mine!

Me: Shut up bitch, if you teach your kids good morals, they'll grow up just fine.
by Mileyisn'tawhore December 26, 2011
A horse with an annoying voice. She usually wears a wig to act like Hannah Montanna (An annoying goat who yoddles). Often likes making racism jokes in front of her loser friends and thinks she's all LIEK TO-DALLY KEWL, when like nobody thinks she is.
Damn, did you see Miley Cyrus' teeth???? Damn she needs to fix them.

by TheStupidAznGrl July 18, 2010

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