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A clingy whore when in comes to being an ex-girlfriend of The Jonas Brother's Nick Jonas. She always seems to be singing too loudly for everyone's taste. All her songs are about herself or her fabulous life as Hannah Montana. If all of your friends creepily like her music and her show on Disney Channel, you, as a friend, should be deeply disturbed. You should also feel concerned for your friend's welfare because too much of Miley Cyrus, might turn them into Miley clones and they might start walking around like skinny little sluts with a ratty wig and bad accents. Please take caution when you listen to her music and/or watch her show.
Did you see that Miley Cyrus yesterday? Why was she all over Nick Jonas when he obviously wasn't looking remotely interested in the nasty little thing leaning all over him! She needs to get all that oil off of her chest first before she can even THINK of saying hello to him.
by Olivia Jonas January 17, 2008
The horseman "Death" in disguise.
Person 1: Death has come upon us like an evil Disney creation.

Person 2: Oh, you mean Miley Cyrus.
by theshadowspeakstome April 08, 2010
A pop star singer that many no-life people are jealous of because they waste their time calling her a whore
omg miley cyrus is such a whore...blah blah
by valleygirl15 April 03, 2009
A funny actress with the most hilarious facial expressions, starring in the biggest Disney Channel TV series "Hannah Montana".

She's also a singer who writes all her songs and always performs live. Her albums all debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts. She's the youngest artist to have 3 number one albums on Billlboard.

Miley likes to use "twitter" where she is the youngest person to have over one million followers. Right now she has 1 960 996 people reading her updates.

She has won numerous awards for her acting and singing, 6 Teen Choice Awards only this year.

People like to compare her to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, some people call Miley names and describe Selena and Demi as angels. It's only due to Miley's fame that nobody ever mentions Selena's & Demi's bikini & other racy pics, or the fact that Selena's mother was 15 when she was pregnant with Selena. Double standards much?

Miley is in 2009's Guiness Book Of World Records for being the most successful and richest teen celebrity.

She has money, looks, fame, talent, success and billions of people all over the world admiring her.
Brainless person: OMG! Miley Cyrus is such a slut.. she's got bikini pics!!!!!

Rational person: Have you ever seen 14-year-olds myspace pictures? Just because she's so famous doesn't mean we have to critisize her for being a normal girl! Growing up is hard enough without the whole world waiting for you to make a mistake.

brainless person: but OH. EM. GEE. she totally stole my man nick!! argh i hate herrrr!!

me: riiiiight.

brainless person: demi and selena are, lyke, so0o much betterrrrr!! theire gud role m0dels unlyke slutrus!!!!!

me: I love them, too, but they're far from being as famous as Miley, that's you never saw these pics... :

and youtube.com/watch?v=9u2E2WZYMZs
by LaJacqueline1992 September 16, 2009
For some idiotic reason, people seem to think Miley is a whore, fagget, clingy toned out loud-mouth, or anything else that NO ONE wants to be called. You are all just jealous of her stardom and fame and ability to sing wonderfully. Plus, you'll probably deny this. Still, it's true! Miley is a wonderrful person, she's not annoying, she's human and she has FEELINGS! She's not this little paper doll that you can bash and she won't feel a thing! She's wonderful, her family is wonderful, and her friends are wonderful. I don't know where in the world you got these retarded ideas about her being annoying, but they're fake. By the way, I'm almost 17 and you can call me a fan.
Miley Cyrus doesn't even need an example!
by Tennesseegirl July 16, 2009
Star of Disney Channel's hit show, Hannah Montana. She is truly a talented, inspirational, and beautiful individual. A role model for boys and girls of all ages (including me).

99% of the people who say she is a 'whore' and 'untalented' are just jealous that she is/was dating Nick Jonas. Get over it, people.

She is just a person living her life.

You rock, Miley.
Normal Human Being- I love Miley Cyrus' new song!
Jonas fan- Ew Miley Cyrus? I HATE HER SHE KISSED NICK AGHBLAGGAFLIBBLEGROWL *becomes unconscious*
by I Love Miley Cyrus June 17, 2009
A very talented singer/actress who got her fame from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus (who later got her name legally changed to Miley Ray Cyrus in 2008) and is the main character in a very popular Disney Channel show called Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus has released three Hannah Montana albums and two albums (Meet Miley Cyrus and Breakout) as herself, Miley Cyrus. She has many fans that are mostly female and any age, but has many haters because of a few mistakes she has made in her life, rumors, and foreshadowing from her mistakes. Even though most people might label her as a slut, I label her as a very talented young lady who will make it big in music and acting.
Girl #1: Did you see Miley Cyrus at the MTV Movie Awards?
Girl #2: Yeah! She was great! I'm so glad she won an award!
Girl #1: Yeah totally. She's got talent no matter what anyone says!
by xX.Twilight.Is.<3.Xx June 06, 2009
A girl who stars on a show called Hannah Montana on Disney (The only show that's actually good on Disney) She's hated by a lot because she's a successful teenager and she dated Nick Jonas.

She's been in scandals such as the Vanity Fair picture which isn't even bad at all, people are just jealous of her and like to jump to conclusions to ruin her. Her phone has been hacked into and had pictures exploited everywhere which weren't even that bad either. Do people realize that 14 year olds nowadays take worse pictures than that? Selena Gomez probably has pictures of the inside of her vagina on her phone but nobody cares enough about her to hack her phone.
Person A: OMG I hate Miley Cyrus so much!
Person B: Why? Because she's famous, dated a Jonas Brother, and can stand in the spot light again after someone tries to publicly humiliate her?
by idonthaveanameee February 16, 2009