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a blonde actress in the hit t.v. series Gossip Girl
she plays: Jenny Humphrey
she has recently been in the movies: The Grinch, Spy Kids 2, Hansel and Gretel, Saving Shiloh, Paranoid Park, and Underdog
she also made a few guest appearances on the t.v. shows: Entertainment Tonight, and The Rosie O'Donnell Show
can you believe gossip girl?
i know taylor momsen is such a good actress
by gossip girl :D November 18, 2007
Courtney Love's afterbirth. Has F****d her way to the top. Total Skank that has a gruff voice from quaffing copius amounts of semen. Possibly a Pre-Op tranny / Professional Hooker.
Dude #1. 'Man, my gonads are covered in pus weeping scabs and the stink!'

Dude #2. ' Whoa, you gotta bad case of Taylor Momsen, they're gonna have to chop your gonads off Punk!'
by Ke$has Throbbing Minge July 28, 2010
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