a cock sucking whore
last night i found out she was a miley
by yousuckcockk May 27, 2010
Slang for someone who is cheap and is always looking for a deal and will not spend the money needed for a purchase
Fool, spend the coin to get some food, don't be a cheap ass Miley!
by DoobieGangsta April 07, 2009
A person in which he can drink a whole 24 of Lake Port Honey Lager in one day. The person would have performed the task at a party in which the host would be himself. He would perform this with out pulling a stickboy, see stickboy.
Also the last name of the biggest drunks in the world.
What a Miley, you drank that whole 24, GO MILEY! Somebody would chant MILEY, MILEY, MILEY after the beer was drunken.
by Kurt Miley March 21, 2004
A slang term used to refer to a a young white female
"Damn, look at that fine miley over there"
by tumbledore.tumblr.com May 23, 2008
the americanized version of "maile" which is the royal lei in hawaii and also the name of hot, exotic girls... in general of course.
"Miley Cyrus misspelled her name when she changed it from Destiny - she spelled it phonetically...idiot"
by Leilani Anders March 31, 2008
best singer alive, amazing friend. pretty and everyones jealous of her because of her greatness and their lack of the abilty to function.
your jealous of the best girl disney star ever miley ray cyrus.
by Minaa April 23, 2008
A Miley is a noun, most commonly used to define "A sexaayyy thangg". The word originates from the lyrical god, Miley Cyrus
Manraj Pandher is a Miley <3
by sheveta sharma May 27, 2008

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