Aussie slang term for marijuana
Chop: How much midlge we got left?
Cass: Enough for a few cones
Chop: Sweet, p the b for me then!!
by Chiggy January 12, 2005
Top Definition
A Mildge is a genital wart, although the word can be used to describe someone ugly, for example; 'You're a Mildge' also someone can be 'Mildgey' or 'Mildgeing' someone, this is where a person is clingy and annoying, and when you've got rid of them they come back shortly after, like a Genital wart
Lukes Mildgeing Richard as usual,Emilys a Mildge,Sarahs got so many Mildges
by Dan boosh February 21, 2011
Pronounced "Mildge" but stands for MLG (mini love gesture). A cute, sometimes quite small, usually unnoticed gesture to show your love for someone.
Chuck pretended not to have a headache so Blair could enjoy prom, because if she had known he had a headache she would have insisted they not go to her senior prom. What a mildge!
by L.B.Guessed May 30, 2009
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