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Mikaylah is a powerful name. It means someone who is confident, strong-willed, outgoing, outspoken, and very sweet. Usually means someone who is easy to get along with but has gone through a lot of things that could have potentially destroyed them. This person can take on anything and is scared of no one. They are fearless and take crap from no one. They are very mature and funny, bubbly and friendly. They tend to reach out to the outcasts and help those in need. They are natural born leaders and are born to be somebody. (Typically are females)
Sally: Wow! That girl is a Mikaylah!
by Anonymoussss123456789101112 February 23, 2012
Usually very kindhearted and genuine.Doesnt let people tell her what to do has a rustic edge and an attitude that you don't want to mess with.The boys are drawn towards her at an alarming rate and she can never seem to settle down.She doesn't know what grey is she never has she's either black or white.this type of attitude is like a drug to people she lets them die for her.
How would you describe someone who you can't get enough of?

by Shhh345 October 25, 2014
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