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A place on the 3DS systems and the Wii U (also accessible on computers) where kids say Shrek is an equivalent of God and will take over the world. The place has old memes and new fads spammed across the communities. ]Trolls] cry for attention, children complain over the simplest of things, and admin will ban you over the nothing. And yet, we continue to use it every single day.
I went on Miiverse and found that people spent their time spamming "I took an arrow to the knee" until they got banned.

Did you hear about the Miiverse badmins having such small cocks is the reason they ban people for little to no reason?

Miiverse logic lacks logic.
by Choji - ChaoticReign February 16, 2014
A place full of bad admins.
The admins on this website are like the ones on Miiverse; they suck.
by Vaxen April 20, 2015
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